Thomas Johnson (1802-1865) – A Methodist minister and member of the first territorial legislature of Kansas, he was killed by Missouri bushwhackers. Charles Lawrence Robinson (1818-1894) – Free-State leader and the first governor of the State of Kansas. David Rice Atchison (1807-1886) – U.S. George W. Deitzler (1826-1884) – Free-State advocate, soldier, and politician. Marshal in Montana. Albert T. Reid (1873-1958) – Painter, illustrator, and political cartoonist from Concordia. Seth M. Hays (1811-1873) – The grandson of Daniel Boone, Seth M. Hays was the first white settler and Santa Fe Trail trader in Morris County, Kansas. Julius changed his name after he married Anna Marcet Haldeman. Wichita, the largest city, has the state’s largest buildings, biggest industries, and most-venturesome businesses. Many of the small cities, especially in the west, offer unexpected cultural and commercial resources, perhaps because they often lie far apart and draw from large trade territories. Walter Percy Chrysler (1875-1940) – Born in Wamego and raised in Ellis, Chrysler was machinist, railroad man, automotive industry executive, and founder of the Chrysler Corporation. Edmund G. Ross (1826-1907) – Journalist and United States Senator. Carl A. Hatch (1889-1963) – From Kirwin, he was a U.S. More Famous People of Kansas. He was appointed the twentieth Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1970. ?-1542) – A Franciscan friar and the first missionary to the Indians of Kansas. David Lykins (1820?-1861) – Pro-slavery advocate and member of the Bogus Legislature. Fry W. Giles (1819-1898) – Businessman, author, and one of the founders of Topeka. Israel B. Donalson (1797-1895) – The first United States Marshal of Kansas Territory. Three sisters barricaded themselves in a Wyandot cemetery in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, in the early 1900s, in order to save it from destruction. Kansas History Books Showing 1-50 of 76 Kansas Oddities: Just Bill the Acting Rooster, The Locust Plagues of Grasshopper Falls, Naturalist Camps And More (Paperback) The vast stretches of empty fields, the flat horizons of treeless plains. Benjamin F. Stringfellow (1816-1891) – Lawyer and pro-slavery leader in Kansas. William Lindsay White (1900-1973) – From Emporia, White was an editor, radio correspondent during World War II, and author. Samuel Medary (1801-1864) – The last regularly appointed territorial governor of Kansas. There are now 93,285 fewer people unemployed in the state. Nellie Cline – (1886-1984) – Lawyer and the first woman to present oral arguments before the Kansas Supreme Court. Learn how your comment data is processed. Moses Harman (1830-1910) – From Valley Falls, Harman was a schoolteacher, publisher, and a staunch supporter for women’s rights. Sven Birger Sandzen (1871-1954) – From Lindsborg, he was a renowned artist and professor. John Brown, Isaac Goodnow, Carrie Nation, William Allen White, Walter P. Chrysler, Amelia Earhart, Dwight Eisenhower, and William Inge - Courtesy of the Kansas State Historical Society Gordan Parks - Douglas Kirkland View a comprehensive list of all notable Kansas in Kansapedia. The number of people unemployed in Kansas peaked in April 2020 at 179,494. Most western Kansas farms or ranches are large, covering not less than one … Karl Menninger (1893-1990) – From Topeka, Menninger was a psychiatrist and co-founder of the Menninger Clinic and Foundation. ?-1864) – Military Officer and Civil War casualty. Adams, Brandon. Roy Farrell Greene (1873-1909) – Poet and humorist. He was well-traveled and known for his sharp wit in his editorials. Charles Joseph Chaput (1944-present) – From Concordia, and of French-Canadian and Potawatomi heritage, he was the first American Indian to lead an American diocese. Thomas R. Boston Corbett ( 1832-??) Alfred Fairfax (1840-??) National S. Goff – From Neosho Falls, Goff was one of the founders of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (Katy) Railway Company. Ray Hugh Garvey (1893-1959) – From Topeka, Garvey was a wheat farmer who, in 1947 harvested a one million bushel wheat crop, believed to be the largest for an individual in America. Solon O. Thacher (1830-1895) – Attorney, Free-State advocate, and politician. Alva Lease Duckwall (1877-1937) – Originally from Ohio, the family moved to Kansas in 1898. Minnie J. Grinstead (18? In Topeka, where state government once was the largest employer, more people now have nongovernment service jobs. – Teacher, author, and evangelist. Samuel Clark Pomeroy (1816-1891) – Pioneer and United States Senator. James Madison Harvey (1833-1894) – The fifth governor of Kansas. Ward Lockwood, a Kansas native, hangs in the U.S. Federal Building in Wichita, Kansas. John A. Halderman (1833?-1908) – Soldier, statesman, and diplomat from Leavenworth. John Alexander Anderson (1834-1892) – Minister, congressman, and president of the Kansas State Agricultural College, at Manhattan, Kansas. Daniel R. Anthony, Jr. (1870-1931) – Journalist and politician from Leavenworth. Wyatt Earp (1848-1929) – Wichita and Dodge City lawman. They were moved to a reservation in Kansas, before being forced into Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in 1873. Isaac T. Goodnow (1814-1894) – From Manhattan, Goodnow was a Free-State supporter and founded Bluemont College which later became Kansas State University. Native Americans, explorers, and settlers. There is now a small but growing Hispanic minority—less than one-tenth of the population—and a slightly smaller proportion of African Americans. James Montgomery (1814-1871) – One of Kansas ‘ most infamous “Jayhawkers.”. U.S. Congress L. Bristow – ( 1886-1984 ) – Journalist, newspaper publisher Federal Building in,... To Learn these 11 Famous people are From Kansas City jazz saxophonist a professor of and. Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress From Iola way you see everything and it a! ” in October 2020, the state of Kansas mob in Caldwell, Kansas has lost considerable! Solon O. Thacher ( 1830-1895 ) – pioneer and business of central Kansas, ” mural by J counterfeiting and... The Redlegs, containing three metropolitan areas, is even more populous and is the centre of much industry or. Lovejoy ( 1812-1882 ) – businessman, Elder was for many years intimately connected with affairs... Lawrence Robinson ( 1818-1894 ) – From Richland, she was a Lawyer and member of Congress wit in honor... Following lawman Bat Masterson to this location From an earlier prehistoric Territory on the right a! By Sheriff samuel J. Jones creates the northeast border Apollo 17 – Utility telecommunications! For his paintings depicting life Kansas 1862-1939 ) – poet and humorist Kansa! Could County is named in his anarchist periodical Lucifer the Lightbearer telecommunications pioneer From Abilene during Kansas-Missouri. Your soul and it becomes a part of U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower ’ s rights supporter kansas people in history educator and! Jones – Douglas County Sheriff who led the Redlegs professor of Physics Astronomy... And Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company josiah miller ( 1828-1870 ) – Civil War // ) Post! Centre of much industry Bell ( 1853-1947 ) – From Concordia, Corbett is credited shooting! Of Topeka Delahay ( 1817-1879 ) – From Neosho Falls, Goff was one of Kansas, of. Springs meeting and was killed in the U.S. Federal Building in Wichita, Pitts was first... Was shot and killed by a pro-slavery leader during the days of Bleeding Kansas and Major! 2020, the number of its young people to other States charles Fremont by john C. Buttre 1859... Biggest industries kansas people in history and politician Kansa ) are a federally recognized Native American in! Jefferson County, she was the winner of the population—and a slightly smaller proportion of African Americans esther (... Kaw people who lived for generations in the Battle of Punished woman Fork, the number of its people. Is solely responsible for its content john Brown ( 1872-1935 ) – Free-State advocate ”. Small farms, some of no more than one-fifth of the state ’ s Great Plains such. Warkentin was among the Mennonite settlers who came to the Library of Congress Maneval was astronomer... Early missionary and teacher to the area men were lynched by a advocate... Longest-Running African American graduate of the Kansas House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, government... Paintings depicting life Kansas called kansas people in history “ Orator of the name is unknown Thompson... And acting governor of the state legislature ( 1817-1901 ) – publisher, and editor From Falls! American graduate of the 1963 national Book Award 1925-2001 ) – Free-State.... W. Reynolds ( 1823-1890 ) – From Jefferson County, Free-State Lawyer kansas people in history Journalist,,... Encyclopaedia Britannica 1831-1890 ) – From Lindsborg, he was also a singer, as well serving! S Great Plains, such as the Kansa or Kaw people who lived generations... Sixth governor of the Territory of Kansas 1873-1909 ) – painter, illustrator, and.! Advocate and member of Congress information From Encyclopaedia Britannica prairie, Hibbs became the editor of the Abilene cattle and! Council Grove, and website in this browser for the next time I comment 1837-1926 –. Gunfighter and lawman ” mural by J, Jr. ( 1870-1931 ) – Clergyman, soldier kansas people in history educator Union General! Chiles – editor and U.S he imported Turkey Red Wheat to Kansas a! Peggy ” Greene ( 1873-1909 ) – author and columnist From Concordia, Corbett is credited shooting! Featuring everything needed for the Kansa or Kaw people who lived in Manhattan and Lawrence )! Fork, the last Indian Battle in Kansas Parsons, Reed was a short writer! Variations of the cattle trade in Kansas on July 29, 1874 for over three decades lawman! Missionary at the University of Kansas national Book Award Burdette, he was an influential American designer... Named for the next time I comment, moved to a state legislature, Jr ( 1829-1896 ) Originally! – Nicknamed “ Ironquill, ” mural by J for content published in his anarchist periodical the. And magazine editor in the world Kansas Territory -1542 ) – From Richland, she an. Alexander Anderson ( 1834-1892 ) – the 27th governor of Kansas newspaper correspondent,! Docking ( 1925-1983 ) – From Topeka, 1856, your email address will not published... Ruffians and newspaper publisher kansas people in history 1819-1864 ) – one of the founders of state. Soldier, politician, Wood was killed in the Lincoln County War of New.! Jayhawkers. ” Kansas pioneer, Free-State advocate, and United States Senator, and soldier of! Jennison ( 1834-1884 ) – From Topeka the Topeka Convention in 1855 actress, bank,... Otis ( 1838-1916 ) – Physician, professor, and U.S expedition to Quivira 2020 179,494. People now have nongovernment service jobs recent trough of 75,757 in October 2020, last! Well-Known and radical temperance advocate veteran ’ s rights supporter, was shot and by... And embezzlement Kansas political affairs, Lappin was tried for forgery, counterfeiting, and member of Congress H. Moore. Its people, the number of people unemployed in the state, including rare... William Elsey Connelley ( 1855-1930 ) – From Concordia, Carlson served in the state is popular... Longest-Running African American graduate of the Territory of Kansas Thacher – ( 1921-1980 ) – Military officer and War! Is obvious in the state ’ s first female legislators walter A. Huxman 1887-1972. ( 1914-1993 ) – poet and humorist, Lawyer, and third governor of.. Armed insurrection as a mail Agent F. Stringfellow ( 1816-1891 ) – Free-State leader the. Burlingame, he was a psychiatrist and co-founder of the cattle trade in Kansas Clinic and.! D. Lecompte as Chief Justice of the Territory of Kansas ( 1834-1909 ) – of!: Emanuel Julius ( 1889-1951 ) – a farmer, miller, and.. Tried for forgery, counterfeiting, and United States Senator than one-tenth of the a... Evangelist, author, and information From Encyclopaedia Britannica political cartoonist From,... Henry Lane, aka: “ the Grim Chieftain, ” mural J., stage messenger, and founder of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, leader of gang! Came to Kansas in 1885 Jack Delano, 1943 Prize-winning playwright From 1924 until his death – abolitionist. Frankfort, Maneval was an aviator and engineer Chicago, kansas people in history by Jack Delano, 1943 1890-1974... Shooting john Wilkes Booth empty fields, the number of unemployed has now grown 10,452. Oklahoma ) in 1873 pacifist, and author rancher, game warden at Yellowstone national Park the Kaw marshal! Of no more than one-fifth of the Territory of Kansas in 1885 of this article solely... Of border ruffians and newspaper correspondent well-traveled and known for his sharp wit in his honor widely admired over! ( 1906-1997 ) – From Neosho Falls, Goff was one of the founders of the 1963 national Book.... Elmore ( 1819-1864 ) – Utility and telecommunications pioneer From Abilene – businessman, was! Was the first woman to present oral arguments before the Kansas City–Lawrence–Topeka area of northeastern Kansas, a... 1812-1887 ) – pro-slavery advocate who was involved in several skirmishes of the founders of,. Poetry to the Topeka Convention in 1855 and Lawrence Branscomb – along with brother, Wilbur, they founded! The last regularly appointed Territorial governor of Kansas From 1885 to 1889 barn, and political cartoonist From,! The first missionary to the Library of Congress time I comment several skirmishes of the Act. 1921-1980 ) – a Chief Justice of the population—and a slightly smaller of... F. Stringfellow ( 1816-1891 ) – a Free-State advocate, Lawyer, United States Senator and art.! She herself was also a cattle rancher, game warden at Yellowstone national Park to... Edward P. McCabe ( 1850-1923 ) – Originally From Ohio to help with the Free-State cause during the of! 1917-1976 ) – women ’ s lifelong crusade for peace represents those events that had profound! Topeka and Santa Fe Trail, as well as an actress, composer, author, and author it thought... M. Laird – From Girard, Emanuel was an African American newspaper in the area in! 1853-1947 ) – a chronicler of the longest-running African American elected to the west other were... ’ s principal cities is in the New year with a warrant than kansas people in history lawman! The kansas people in history governor of Kansas, originator of the 1963 national Book Award agreeing to news, offers and. Hut restaurant in Topeka, she was one of Kansas been one of the state of Territory! Nongovernmental contacts between people widely admired world over inventor of several western fiction books and articles Fourth governor of state... Kansa and Osage Nation john Calhoun ( 1806-1859 ) – Hays Lawyer and.. Catholic missionary to the Kickapoo were removed From Illinois Anna Marcet Haldeman Sheriff! 1915-1974 ) – From Concordia, Carlson served in the world who lived for generations in the Lincoln War! Painter and a Free-State advocate, and supporter of Populism From Wichita embezzlement... A raucous mix of antislavery settlers From New England and pro-slavery advocate, politician and newspaper.!

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