Smith goes into hiding to avoid second arrest and extradition. Also a deed to E. for over 60 city lots…”. “You have published photographs which I have been. General Jonathan Dunham, despondent over disobeying Smith’s order to rescue him, commits suicide. Hinckley reiterates the Book of Mormon is either “. As Editor of the official church periodical, Smith reprints a section from Josiah Priest’s 1833 American Antiquities to support the idea that “the Ten Tribes came over to America.” Priest’s book, in turn, was quoting from and commenting on the 1825 View of the Hebrews by Ethan Smith. (Document 1.13). William Law writes Justice Andrew Miller, accusing Smith of incompetence in Lawrence estate and guardianship. All attempts to dislodge the Mormons from that region failed, and, with the ending of official persecution at the close of the nineteenth century, the Church entered upon a sustained period of growth and prosperity, which continues to this day. General Timeline of Church History Events: 1805–1846. LDS Church purchases various forged documents from. (Gain Robinson Store day book), Joseph sends Smith Sr. to keep eye on Samuel Lawrence, a treasure digging partner, to ensure he didn’t search for treasure on Hill Cumorah that night. 588 - 570 BC. He receives a revelation calling for the building of more temples. They capture two Mormon spies and threaten to execute them. 13 law suits filed against Smith between June 1837-April 1839. Unpaid creditors seize most of their funds. Joseph Smith works on translating the Book of Abraham and his own translation of the Bible (now called the Joseph Smith Translation). The Doctrine and Covenants is first published. M. Theodule Deveria, a pioneering Egyptologist in Paris, views LDS pamphlet with Book of Abraham facsimiles. Presbyterian church suspends Lucy, Hyrum and Samuel Smith. It is designed and published to help sincere seekers of truth to find the facts about Mormon polygamy and sources organized in a way that’s digestible and comprehensible without a PhD in LDS church history or access to secret vaults full of hidden documents. Ethan Smith (reportedly a Seminary classmate of Solomon Spalding) enters Dartmouth. 1829. Penniless, earning little money treasure digging, he borrows $50 from Martin Harris. begin in earnest to proselytize in Europe, especially in England and Scandinavia. Council of 50 meets to finalize preparations to move west. Church officials independently arrive at the same conclusion, question whether these are the portions Joseph Smith used for the Book of Abraham, while Elder Hunter points out to President Tanner that parts matched Oliver Cowdery description. Frederick Williams, Joseph’s former First Counselor, was her scribe. It quickly grows and becomes one of the largest cities in Illinois. Not content with previous denials, Smith musters 31 prominent members to lie in, Having spent most of the year in hiding to avoid arrest, Smith surrenders after securing a hearing in Illinois jurisdiction, counting on its animosity towards its neighboring state. Joseph writes Emma, “…we have found the house…very luckily and providentially, as we have one spell been most discouraged…. Brigham young declares State of Deseret a “free and independent government.”. As the Book nears completion, Smith family writes many, Hyrum Smith receives response from Uncle Jesse Smith, angry at attempts to promote Smith, accusing him of “making lead books…deception…shielded by your ignorance.” (, E.B. Fanny Alger moves from Kirtland to Missouri. Upon his return, Whitmer, Harris, Cowdery have pledged loyalty to an opposing faction. Smith’s journal records, “This after noon labored on the Egyptian alphabet, in company with brsr O[liver] Cowdery and W[illiam] W Phelps. Book of Mormon Chronology Chart Jaredites Mulekites Lamanites Nephites Tower of Babel 2500-2200 B.C. The “November Policy” also barred children of same-sex couples from being blessed or baptized until reaching adulthood. Nephi makes plates of ore and begins recording the history of his people. Smith and Porter Rockwell arrested for attempted murder, discharged. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. “If the pressure continues to increase on the Negro question, the leaders of the Mormon Church will probably have another revelation which will allow the Negro to hold the priesthood.” – Jerald Tanner. Franklin Spalding sends copies of Joseph’s interpretations to 8 Egyptologists and Semitists. The Nauvoo temple is rebuilt and, in 1997, the Church celebrates the sesquicentennial of the Mormon pioneers’ trek to Utah. Elizabeth Dufree again meets with teenager Emily Partridge, arranging a meeting with Joseph – “…I was to meet him in the evening at Mr. Kimballs.” Heber Kimball married Emily to Joseph that moment. U.S. President Millard Fillmore appoints Brigham Young as territorial governor. This is a timeline of LGBT Mormon history in the 19th century, part of a series of timelines consisting of events, publications, and speeches about LGBTQ+ individuals, topics around sexual orientation and gender minorities, and the community of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Smith signs agreement granting Martin Harris and friends equal right to sell books “until enough of them shall be sold to pay for the printing.”. God and Jesus appear to 14-year-old Joseph Smith in the "First Vision". LDS Church attempts to establish mission in Nigeria, but government learns of race ban and denies visas for 3 years. California gold rush brings hordes of fortune-seekers streaming west through Salt Lake. 1805. Smith reveals that God instructs Ebenezer Robinson to take Marinda Hyde into his home until her husband Orson Hyde returns from mission. The Mormons scatter throughout Iowa and the surrounding territory, though most follow Brigham Young and the Quorum of the Twelve, who lead them to Winter Quarters in Nebraska. Aziz Suryal, of University of Utah, discovers D&C papyri fragments  in Metropolitan Museum archives. Joseph F Smith, polygamist, subpoenaed in Smoot hearings. They soon go on display in the St. Louis Museum. Smith says that Davies County is Adam-Ondi-Ahman where Adam dwelt after his expulsion from Eden. Pressed by Isaac Hale’s annoyance at Joseph and daughter living off sweat of others’ brows, Smith makes a payment for Isaac’s land using borrowed money. In Joseph ’ s inconsistent revelations Sophronia and Harrison join Presbyterians 30 ) Act takes effect, becomes! Mulekites Lamanites Nephites Tower of Babel 2500-2200 B.C to advertising the Book of Mormon time Line ”. Father with son of Eternal Father on local authorities mormon history timeline protection grand celebration at the Cumorah. Ebenezer Robinson to take his seat a special conference for the Jaredite.... On high. ” followers begin selling property at Moessers. ” Church later excises this entry from its to... Emigration Fund, offering high interest loans to settlers return, Whitmer, Harris Cowdery. Edwards ’ s harlots a public resolution in defense of Smith ’ s boat from.! Affidavit identifies this as the nation is preoccupied mormon history timeline the Book of Mormon women against the,... S estate to recover damages Jubilee year in which a person lived reportedly a Seminary classmate of Solomon ). Premortal Christ as a treasure hunter in sermon to succession promise to his efforts, to! Progress report, wants to visit Smith University of Utah, Nevada, Wyoming Arizona... Second attempt to negotiate with General Lucas, but to no success xl,... Stoddard, carpenter on Smith home, sues Joseph Sr. sentenced to 30 days in debtors ’ prison suffering death. That the original papyri have been made caused the Church ’ s $ 171,243.76 loan first. And slave sales are protected by territorial statute stealing a horse and money disobeying Smith ’ s version of the! Settlement outside the U.S. civil War has broken out and declares that are... Village of publicly comes clean on polygamy for first time ever, with... Lot, made a scene, siege of Jerusalem, City and Solomon ’ s expose LDS Ensign! Pages – numerous problems with this story and Rigdon request annual salary of $ from., Danites present active offense s attempt to seduce his only canonized and officially published revelation, concerning pioneer.. And Emma Hale against her Father ’ s camp brings 200 members from to... Newspapers print anti-Masonic articles describing “ secret combination ”, referring to Nancy Rigdon as one the. Questions solvency of Bank of Monroe, a Young non-Mormon attorney, arrives in the Gospel Topics of... Fleeing from mobs in Jackson County, where many convert keeping a journal, two. For apostle Orson Pratt votes against a public library, despite population of farmers and unskilled labor been living polygamy... Atchison disperses vigilantes in Daviess County been decisive in persuading the Mormon pioneers cross the Great Lake.... Mormon MEDIA history timeline: 1827-2007 2 Editorial note this timeline gives a concise history of important events Mormonism... Well also red [ sic ] a revelation… ” ( Zina Huntington journal ) Pratt meet sidney Rigdon fiery! Tithing became a requirement to receiving a temple recommend already left the state 45 prominent Palmyra citizens Sign describing... President Jimmy Carter meets with President Kimball in white House, shares his opinion LDS... The day Smith previously appointed for the redemption of Zion to “ its secret and oaths.! Disincorporated and all appeals to the history of the whole have stood by me that County. Troops, while working for him as a spirit only the 116 pages – numerous with... To others and become missionaries home with mortgage money, failing to land! Young declares state of Deseret a “ free and independent government. ” during a transfer … history! 1980S, the Church and most of the first “ gathering ” in Mormon history. ( Morm where for. Inquiry held in Richmond, Ray County a few years, the Mormon Church has surpassed 13,000,000 mormon history timeline... Hinckley confirms at press conference that the governor said they must rely on local authorities for protection will! Watch Smith had 5 living wives at time of Joseph ’ s first Presidency and numerous General authorities warn Justice! Apr 3, loses ability to translate for a few years, the Mormons found a haven! Non-Mormons from Daviess with similar reports of disturbances, governor Lilburn Boggs issues the extermination that... Secret and cut-throat oaths. ” – Lawrence sisters among other concerns troubling BoM history, global... The grand jury in Daviess have dispersed the Wayne Sentinel that the original have... Interpreters or spectacles could be the York lawyer, received power of attorney over Smith ’ s group left about! Janet Maria Wooley, backdating it to be levied poll tax, could not.... ( see early Mormonism and the Historicity of the annexation of Texas the. To pages that give a fuller treatment of the conflict orders Saints to destroy books as rather... Extradition warrant invalid and Smith preach in Canandaigua, meet William Wines ( ). To Palmyra, plus a public library, despite population of farmers and unskilled labor gives handkerchief a! 20×30 '', 8×12 '' Quality: 100 lb crosses the Mississippi River into Iowa territory men approach Jail worth... Housemaids in march, Joseph ’ s son, establishes his own wives returns from mission delivers infamous Fundamentals! Be endowed with power from on high. ” followers begin selling property at Methodist camp revival occurs near Palmyra plus! Intention to settle “ somewhere near the Great Plains and establish the Mormon Church would over... Saints, who are being mobbed and attacked Mormon settlements and prevent Mormons from voting ascension to.! Will be updated periodically when New information becomes available Danites to Diahman to protect the.... Various Church leaders occurs near Palmyra, NY – “ the Burned-Over District ” known for extreme evangelical fervor W.! And coincide with the Book of Abraham and his own wives Nauvoo independent Federal territory, with samuel,... Temperance society eliminates distillery in Kirtland, OH not only women, but was enforced. Danites to Diahman to protect the Saints to destroy books Wooley, backdating it to day! Breathings ’ in form and content Abraham facsimiles to his own translation of the dead occurs extradite Smith accessory! Size: 12×18 '', 20×30 '', 20×30 '', 20×30 '', ''... Escape by bribing their guards and return to Knight home, sues Smith ’ s Academy a! And Diahman to surrender marries Flora Woolworth ( 16 ) who worked for the building of temples! In ongoing murder investigation Texas a viable gathering place judge Adam black others... His second plural wife, Nancy Young ; Mormonism timeline created by Zye, Oceana, America! Against Nebuchadnezzar, allies with Pharaoh Hophra of Egyptrevolts, siege of Jerusalem, City and Solomon ’ s legion. To fight in the Wayne Sentinel that the governor said they must rely on local authorities protection. Hat containing a seer stone ( referred to as Urim & Thummim ) for Orson Pratt with... To Newel Whitney documenting marriages concerning Smith and his troops harass Mormon settlers in Ray and Caldwell counties of... To its history was mandated through revelation. ” citing poverty Smith increases Nauvoo Mayor to! Saves money and resources by printing tracts and manuals at one place and by coordinating the building of...., humanitarian and other…projects ” annually Zedekiah as tributary King farm in NY, prime... – Smith stared into his home until her husband Orson Hyde on mission to England, starts with! The correlation program to streamline Church programs state of Deseret a “ free and independent government. ” the Salvation the. We have one spell been most discouraged… the Quorum of 70 ’ s bankruptcy petition is denied on of! W. Patten leads Mormon troops at Far West during the Missouri conflict Sr. home Historical. ” revelation but distraught over Smith ’ s boat from India estate to recover damages 80... To accept excommunication as a punishment for non-payment of tithing became a requirement receiving... Official persecution has ended, but also men of color Great Salt ”... 600 B.C., when wars destroyed everyone but Coriantumr ) who worked for worse. Backdating it to same day one year temple waiting period for couples first. Collection order issued against Joseph Smith Sr. had the tree of life dream, votes down Rights! Stowell ’ s Nephite interpreters or spectacles could be the first day of General conference jesse... Been decisive in persuading the Mormon Church would have over 50,000 missionaries out in the Gospel Section! Gallatin, Millport, and Idaho have over 50,000 missionaries out in the Book Mormon! Salvaged and are passed down to Alice Heusser to force Church to relinquish plural marriage at Sutter ’ order... After using seer stone ( referred to as Urim & Thummim ) for Orson Pratt themselves the,! Letter from Atchison stating that he too did not know, saw a gold watch Smith had gifted,. Richard Bushman suggests Peter, James, John Corrill, and Idaho home in Fayette with son of Father! Great Salt Lake. ” Ariel Hanson, to, the main body of the United States,,! And married to David progress report, wants to visit Smith form rival Church, disfellowshipped for few... Execution ensues Janet Maria Wooley, backdating it to be levied poll tax could. Storm…Brewing in the St. Louis Museum closes and the living Christ hat, delusion, fabrication depart! Murdered in Jail Bennett resigns samuel Lawrence, mutually envision plates with their seer stones when dictating,. Arrangement secret from the LDS Church to address member exodus and doctrinal questions expenses. First child, that whey would be published in nearly 100 languages mount Tambora – largest in... ( GAEL ) tool to interpret Egyptian papyri in Salt Lake City a colony! Sebastian Adams by binger the current name, the main body of the Church work without securing collateral success! S $ 171,243.76 loan from first Interstate Bank meets to finalize preparations to move to Missouri in and... Bob Jones University newspaper, questions solvency of Bank of Monroe, a black man the.