Talk Child is about parenting. Understanding children in urban Indian families has been our penchant! We strive to create an environment of nurturing support.


Who can benefit

Every individual can benefit from this space. Especially if,

  • You desire to create a positive transformation in your parenting experience;
  • You feel pressurized as a parent with the demands made by your child;
  • You experience dissatisfaction in your approach as a parent;
  • You are not able to connect with your adolescent;
  • Your personal aspirations and tasks as a parent seem to be conflicting;
  • Multiple roles of working outside and within the home are disturbing and confusing;

Talk child has over the years addressed issues of the following:

  • People planning to be parents (pre conception counselling)
  • Expectant parents/parents-to-be
  • Families with children in the age group 0-18 years
  • Families with both parents working outside the home
  • Single parent families
  • Families with adopted children/children born through surrogacy



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