Talk Child is about parenting. Understanding children in urban Indian families has been our penchant! We strive to create an environment of nurturing support.

What our Clients say about us

“How do you think we felt being a family of 3 generation of surgeons, when our son told us he doesn’t want to be a doctor. Second, he wants to study liberal arts. We found our peace through Rohini’s counselling sessions. And we are proud to share that our son is a Ph.D. and professor of English Literature, living his dream in Ireland. Our son is happy and so are we.”

Suresh & Uma, Bangalore, 2009-2010

“My mind was full of thoughts when I first met Rohini. The problems were too many and too complicated. I remember Rohini told me to write down all my thoughts before each counselling session. That really helped. We are so mixed up with our children, we don’t know if we have a problem or if the problem lies in our child. The counselling experience helped me to understand myself, my relationships and my child better.”

Kanika, Chennai, 2020.

I got the reference of Talkchild and Rohini from a close friend .I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rohini for being so helpful in guiding me to address all my concerns regarding my son . Being a single dad isn’t an easy job and its 2021 .We shouldn’t shy away from taking professional help to tide over circumstances which makes the path easier .
Wishing my best wishes to Rohini and Talkchild.

Dr. Mayank, 2021

“When I was going through a personal crisis, Rohini’s advise helped me pave a way for my 7 year old, ensuring his emotional safety. We sometimes are so busy with our own circumstances in life that we get confused with what children want. Rohini taught me to validate my child’s needs without compromising my principles. We are all happier now!”

Anu – Mother of 7 year old, Gurgaon, 2019

“Counselling is an ongoing thing. I am a single mother of a 7-year-old. I seek Rohini’s help every now and then, to vent my feelings and clear my mind. Most sessions I come out feeling better. There is never a permanent repair to life. We just need to have support to make the journey comfortable. Counselling is support.”

Anjali, 44 years, Gurgaon, 2019-2021

“Everyone should read about children’s development. We were introduced to this by Rohini. The idea that reading makes us more aware and more equipped to handle our children, is not new. We all know it. But actually getting to do it religiously is something we recommend to all parents. Rohini will tell you what she has to in her own unique way. In a nutshell, I feel like I have become my child’s counsellor for life.”

Nisha & Ravi, Mumbai,  2017

“How does a single mum with two kids cope with the stress and guilt of not doing justice to either. I met Rohini over video calls and it changed my life for the better. I recommend counseling for everyone.”

Tisha, Melbourne, 2020

“A working mother with a demanding corporate job, along with my twins was stressing me out. I didn’t know what to do. I think the sessions with Rohini have not only made me a more confident parent, but also a better manager at work.”

Shreya Raj Gopal, Mumbai, 2019

“Differences in how to bring up our kids was driving a wedge between my wife and I. Sessions with rohini taught us, there is no wrong or right way to bring up kids. Now, we parent with our beliefs and are a happy couple too.”

Neeraj & Smita, Hong Kong 2017

“We always thought we were doing our best for my children, yet I was facing major parenting issues with our teenage child. A couple of sessions with Rohini completely changed my attitude towards parenting.”

Umesh & Kailash, Dubai, 2018

“Counselling session with Rohini, was my first ever experience of going to a counsellor. At that time, I was having trouble understanding and tackling my 20-year-old son. He is doing much better now. I feel much better also. Parenting never ends. Any parent can need help with their child at any stage of life. Highly recommend the counselling sessions with Rohini.”

Nafisa, Milan, Italy, 2018.

“We consulted Rohini from Talk Child when we were facing some challenges with our 5 year old daughter.

She guided and coached us in a simple, actionable and straight forward way without any judgement whatsoever. It was so comforting to hear from her that we are doing a great job as parents and that we want the best for her.

We have been consulting her for more than a year now and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional help to become better parents to their children.”

Neera Gupta – CEO Kit Kat Events & Marketing  

Prashant Aggarwal – CCO Hyphen Group

Singapore, 2020

“We had a virtual talk with Rohini Sethi recently to discuss some issues that one of our children is facing. We did not really know what to expect from the session as this was our first time reaching out to a counsellor. But right from the start, Rohini made us feel at ease and we were able to explore the matter freely. Rohini is very knowledgeable, sensitive and informative. We would like to thank her for her guidance and certainly would recommend her as your go to counsellor.”


Gurugram, 2021

“We were very hesitant to approach the counsellor initially but very glad we did. Interacting with Rohini was a very pleasant and fruitful experience. We were reminded of some simple facts we tend to forget as a parent in all the confusion in life. We also learnt what guidance and counselling is, and highly recommend it to anyone facing a small or big issue at home or with kids.”

Asmit Sawhney – Sales and Marketing

Priya Sawhney –  Yoga Teacher


“Counselling sessions with Rohini were not just very beneficial but extremely enjoyable too. Rohini worked with us and our son independently. My child used to look forward to the “drama” sessions with the counsellor and very openly announced to everyone that he is going for counselling, which embarrassed us at first. She used role playing and drama to help my son. We as a family benefitted a lot by our meetings with Rohini. Sharing with a child expert always helps. Recommend it highly.”

Jasdeep Anand – Entrepreneur

Dimple Anand – Home Maker

Delhi, 2002

“My child’s performance in school was my problem. I had great plans for him but did not see any of it materialising. We went through several meetings with Rohini.  She worked with my son for almost 10 months and our interaction lasted for over one year. At some points we felt very sad and discouraged, while at some others we were lifted to new understanding of our child’s situation and came home happy. The counsellor helped us and we helped our child. I may not have shared this ever but today I am a confident parent , thanks to Mrs. Rohini Sethi. Feel proud as a parent and feel strong enough to advice some others who may be in a similar situation.”

Vivek Reddy – Engineer

Ramya Reddy – Physiotherapist 

Hyderabad 2003

“Rohini helped me a lot in counselling my daughter for choosing her subjects for her higher secondary education. It was a very helpful interaction. I also benefitted greatly from her advice, when I moved to Ahmedabad and needed help regarding my daughters schooling. Even after moving out of Ahmedabad she is an integral part of our lives. Her cheerful demeanour along with keen understanding of children makes her one of the best child counsellors around.

Shraddha Lal – Music Teacher

SHIVANGI LAL – Student Grade XI,

Ahmadabad, 2015

“Rohini helped us understand our child’s problem better.He was 8 years old then. She gave us a unique perspective to parenting. Today I share a unique bond with my son due to the counselling sessions I had with Rohini. Happy to share he is in college now. I whole heartedly recommend her.

Nitin Saluja – Exporter 

Vinnie Saluja – Fashion Designer

Delhi, 2002

” I have known Rohini for over 10 years now. She is a fair, soft spoken, optimistic, a truly helping personality and is a complete counsellor. I have had the pleasure to have her as my guide and she helped me find the right direction. She gave a new direction and dimension to problems. Rohini has the necessary subject depth and a sharp sense of comprehension and I would whole heartedly support her in relevant roles and recommend her as counsellor to all parents who are looking for one.

Sujoy Guha – CEO & MD, Criticalog India Private Ltd.

Jhuma Guha – Social Worker & Trustee, Vahini (NGO) 

Banglore 2009


“Counselling is a very personal situation to be in .It took us sometime to establish that rapport and understanding and be comfortable enough to discuss our issues honestly with Rohini.With every interaction with the counsellor we took home some more comfort and feeling of lightness. It was hard to remember everything Rohini told us for the rest of our lives, but I do remember feeling like we had resolved many a problems and were equipped enough to take it on from there as parents.

Ajay Gadhiok – Software Professional

Seema Gadhiok – Engineer 

Banglore, 2008

“I had the pleasure of meeting Rohini in Ahmedabad.I connected with her for guidance with regard to the behaviour of my child. With multiple advisors around us from family and friends, we as parents get completely confused and clueless about how to deal with certain situations, sometimes. I was very impressed with the way she explained to me the behaviour of children at that age. She assured me that desired changes in a child’s behaviour, however slow, do happen, with patient and persistent efforts. The techniques we arrived at made me confident. We also found definite changes in my child with my increasing confidence. I continue to take her advice from time from time, despite being in different cities now. Highly recommend her to anyone who requires sound and effective advice regarding the development of children.

Nazia Siddiqui – Home Maker,

Hyderabad – 2012


“Recommended by a friend in Bangalore, I myself today recommend Rohini Sethi, to whoever is looking out for advice related to children. It is not easy for a parent to approach a counsellor. Discussing your child with an outsider is not an easy thing to do. First of all, being told by the teacher to meet a counsellor is in itself very disturbing. Would like to share with all parents like myself, please do not take it personally and do not hesitate to approach the counsellor. It is simpler than so many other things we do for our children.

Venkatesh .R. – Chartered Accoutant

Sudha – Dance Teacher

Banglore – 2008


“One of the best interactions of my life to date. It was a real pleasure to meet Rohini Sethi and interact with her. The best counsellor I could have met at a point in my life, when I needed that kind of assurance and support the most. She had that quality of comforting and distracting away from the problems and focussing on the positives around. Both my children have benefitted from interacting with her. Would highly recommend her to all parents looking out for that one friendly expert, who can guide you in understanding your own kid, especially in the context of a large family. Her departure from Bangalore was a loss for me.

Manisha Pareek – Interior Designer

Banglore, 2007

“Rohini has been the strong base which helped me sail through my troubled times with ease.

It was easy to talk to her, pour out all the guilt, apprehensions and my fears. I could speak about my dreams and aspirations for my children, achievements and failures as a parent and my familial relationships, with the assurance of complete confidentiality, and be sure that she will actually understand the very core of the matter. She will use just the right words to make you feel comfortable immediately. She made me look at my issues related to my child and family from a different perspective, an all together different angle, and some very apt advice followed.

She will talk and listen to you like a childhood friend at your very first meeting and win hearts with no effort. It is also fun to spend time with her and be assured that each time you will feel that you have learnt something new and useful.

All in all, a very friendly and an intelligent person to interact with; with a very well balanced outlook, which rubs on to the client very soon.

Sheena Malhotra – Entrepreneur

Banglore -2006


Hoping that my testimonial is helpful to the reader and will give you a level of reassurance that you are being helped by a genuine person. Rohini has excellent communication skills and even greater sense of understanding your pulse. This helped me in venting out my feelings when I most needed to. It never felt like I was in a counselling session but was a normal chit chat session where we discussed about the positivity, negativity happening around us and with us. I guess this helped her in understanding my problems quite well. The suggestions that followed helped me immensely in getting out of the mental block I had, related to my family situation. I am sure anyone who interacts with Rohini has only positive things and added strengths to take back.

“When I was going through a personal crisis, Rohini’s advise helped me pave a way for my 7 year old, ensuring his emotional safety. We sometimes are so busy with our own circumstances in life that we get confused with what children want. Rohini taught me to validate my child’s needs without compromising my principles. We are all happier now!”

Sreenivasa Madenhally – Software Professional

Anuradha Sriranga – Software Professional

Bangalore – 2006

“It was fortunate we met Rohini during our brief visit from Jaipur to Ahmedabad in our holidays. She helped us as parents greatly. My child benefited greatly through music which she had suggested. Childs performance at school also improved, which affected his overall mental well being. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Rohini Sethi.”

Yashwant Sharma – Entreprenuer

Megha Sharma – Home Maker

Jaipur, 2014

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