Talk Child is about parenting. Understanding children in urban Indian families has been our penchant! We strive to create an environment of nurturing support.

Hey There!

I’m the counsellor at Talk Child.

I’m honoured that you’re taking time to read this.

Talk Child is one of my three babies. It was born two months after my first born. Maybe it was an attempt to keep myself alive as I mothered a little human.

When I had my first child, 18 years ago, I thought my life was over :)! It took me several years to understand that the journey of learning and loving had just begun.

An imperfect and exhausted parent who is trying to do a lot of things each day, my endeavour is to remain connected with my children. There are moments when I imagine myself doing great things (imagination is everything, it keeps you going), and then there are times when simply making it through the day is good enough.

Amidst it all I am still trying to comprehend what it is to be a parent. The identity seems much vaster and enigmatic than anyone would have you believe.

I hold a Master’s degree in Child Development (Gold Medallist), from Delhi University, and work with families who have children.

My career began as a school counsellor in the year 2000, post which I have been working as a consultant.

I am passionate about drama, speaking and writing. I love nature, and all things natural, including organic smiles, spontaneous laughter and unguarded conversation.

I have about 40 different tabs open in my computer at any moment, a few more in my head, and 200 unread mails on health, good food and places to see. I hope to go through all the mails some day.

Humour is my way of balancing on the tight rope, as also my way of amusing myself.

Mother of two children, ages – 18 and 12, I’m living in Gurgaon, India, presently.

I’ve worked for over 20 years with children and their families at Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Gurgaon, at various children’s institutions including public schools in the same cities.

I also work with Indian families settled abroad. The evolution of online counselling sessions at Talk Child hugely impacted my journey as a counsellor for the better.

Pleased as punch that you are here at Talk Child. I hope this space leaves you feeling seen and heard. Encouraged and uplifted. While we are all different, and parent in different ways, we are stronger together.

Even if your problems are complex, I will gladly challenge myself to dive in and have those awkward conversations. I do awkward brilliantly.

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